Creating Positive, Productive Academic Experiences

Lee Baker ~ committed to preparing students for successful transitions from elementary school to higher education.

K – 12 Academic Transitions - Lee helps students make successful transitions as they move through their academic years from Kindergarten through College. Students master learning strategies, organizational systems, study habits, technology solutions and transition skills that prepare them for successful academic experiences.

High School to College Transitions – Lee is particularly effective in facilitating a student’s high school to college transition, by:

  • creating a transition plan for students and parents,
  • helping research and identify schools that will provide the right academic support services for a student,
  • assisting students in creating a new collegiate support system,
  • working with parents to empower their child and allow them to become independent; and
  • helping students build a comprehensive checklist of specific tactics (to-do items) to ensure a smooth transition into a new collegiate environment.

Parent Advocacy – Parents of children with learning disabilities and ADHD carry an extra load when advocating for their children at school. Lee helps parents become strong, effective advocates for their children so they achieve academic success and feel good about their efforts. Lee’s goal is to help parents find resources and strategies to support their child, foster their child’s independence, promote their child’s self-awareness, and encourage their child to become a skillful self-advocate.

Lee Baker brings first-hand experience to her work as an academic transition coach. Lee is the parent of a child with a significant learning disability (currently a successful college student) and understands the concern parents feel when they don’t know how to help and advocate for their child.

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