“My son participated in the Learning Effectiveness Workshop. He is challenged with dyslexia and was in the process of transitioning to a new high school.  He came away from the workshop with a positive attitude and more confidence.  He was excited to discover the ways in which he learns best and I believe this will help him as he begins to advocate for himself. Lee and Erika connected well with the kids and are a great resource for parents.” – Parent of student

“I have had the honor to collaborate with Lee as a professional in the realm of transition and disability. Lee is extremely knowledgeable in all avenues of transition advocacy. She is passionate in her desire for continued learning and research to provide consultation services that offer current information resources. In addition, she offers information that covers the breadth of achieving academic transition success for all students and especially those who have disabilities or identified challenges within the academic arena. Parents, students, and educators will learn how to embark on an individualized navigation plan for academic transition success when working with Lee!”

Erika J. Kluge Frake | Director of THINK with Success

I am pleased to have the opportunity to write on behalf of Lee Baker about her career as a Parent Advocacy Educator.  In the 10 years in which I have known Lee, I have repeatedly told her that she is “the gold standard” of a parent of a child with dyslexia in that she has approached this challenge with unwavering energy, endless searching for insight and answers, a great amount of love, and always a sense of humor.  Lee’s commitment to her son’s quality of life has always been paramount.  Within that commitment, though she also committed to providing him with a quality education; over the last eleven years she has given extensive time and unending patience, and she has found helpful and necessary resources for her son.

Lee’s knowledge of dyslexia and her understanding of the area of learning disabilities are extensive.  She is experienced in accessing appropriate resources for students, and she is updated on the newest technology available to students with dyslexia.  In addition, Lee’s professional experience in marketing and communication will enhance her work as a Parent Advocacy Educator.  She has exceptional skills in communicating with clarity and purpose, and she has extensive ability in networking and contacting professionals in the field.  Lee’s personal qualities also contribute to her work as a Parent Advocacy Educator, for having travelled the road and made the journey of advocating for her son through his school years, she knows, understands, and relates to the emotional challenges facing parents.  Through her dedication and commitment to parents and their children with learning disabilities, Lee will provide valuable support and guidance.

Janet Oliver, M.A.
Educational Specialist / Private Tutor

Lee is a knowledgeable, articulate, and effective advocate to help families negotiate the maze of learning disabilities and special education services.  She knows how to communicate in ways that makes others pay attention and want to collaborate with her.  Lee has a wealth of experience combined with an empathic understanding of the grief parents experience when they learn their child has a learning disability.  Lee would be an excellent asset to any family’s team of resources.

Bonnie Carlson-Green

Advocating for our children with learning disabilities can be stressful and full of uncertainty.  Lee Baker has the ability to discern the path that best serves our children, has the skill to push for the ultimate support and knows the resources to tap into.  I have found Lee to be calm and steady when I have needed those qualities the most. Lee is an effective advocate for your child and your family and does so while maintaining strong relationships and partnerships with the schools that our children attend.

Jennifer Kinkead, Parent

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